Hyland Financial Planning to service Optimise clients

I am thrilled to be able to announce the arrangements we have put in place for the continuation of your services:

  • Justin Hyland and his team at Hyland Financial Planning have moved into the (former) offices of Optimise in Hornsby and will take over your ongoing service needs,
  • Jackie Austin and Kenny Hong, both of whom previously worked alongside me at Optimise, will remain in the industry, moving to Hyland Financial Planning,
  • Justin, Jackie, Kenny, and Hyland Financial Planning’s other financial planners will continue to provide financial planning services under the Hyland Financial Planning banner,
  • Former clients of Gerald Turner, and those clients formerly advised by me directly, will be cared for by the financial planners within Hyland, 
  • I will work with Justin and the team at Hyland Financial Planning in a business strategy and general management capacity to oversee a smooth transition.

Why the change

There has been, and will continue to be, significant changes to the financial planning industry. After such a long time in the industry I feel more enthusiasm for new challenges and endeavours.

Business as usual – no changes to your ongoing services

Hyland Financial Planning has moved into the offices of Optimise and will continue to provide review services in the same manner as Optimise. Hyland will undertake their best endeavours to meet with you to conduct your review on your scheduled date.

Justin or another Hyland Financial Planning planner will be in contact for your next plan review. If you would like to know your next scheduled review date or bring forward your next review, please contact Hyland Financial Planning on 1300 495 263.

How to contact Justin and the Hyland Financial Planning team

If you have any questions, please contact Justin or the team at Hyland Financial Planning on 1300 495 263 or send your questions to [email protected].

To find out more about Hyland Financial Planning please follow this link.

Visit Hyland Financial Planning website

Up to March 2nd, you can continue to contact Optimise, its staff, or myself, via telephone on 02 9472 4000 or email at [email protected]

Thank you

Helping you with your finances has been an honour and a privilege and I would like to convey a heartfelt and sincere ‘thank you’ to you for the opportunity to assist wherever and however the team at Optimise or I could.

I’m confident Justin and the team at Hyland Financial Planning will do a fantastic job!

Wishing you a happy and prosperous future, 

Michael Flanagan,
Managing Director
Optimise Wealth Management