Our advice process

Our 7 Step Advice Process ensures clients are always kept abreast of developments in their journey to create, protect and manage their wealth.  At Optimise we simplify complex areas putting your plan together, together!


Here’s how the 7 Step Advice Process works:

  1. Initial Meeting, our first step is to get to know you and understand your goals.
  2. Collect Information (we collect all the information about your current position).
  3. Strategy Discussion (this is where we make sure we have everything covered before we prepare our Statement of Advice).
  4. Prepare Advice (we prepare the Statement of Advice).
  5. Present Advice (this is where we explain the written Statement of Advice to you).
  6. Implement Recommendations (this is where we help you implement our advice).
  7. Review (this is where we meet to make sure you are on track and discuss any changes to your situation).