Who we help

At Optimise, our complete understanding of investments and finance means we are able to provide quality advice, whatever your current age or situation.

Are you 30 to 50?

“I want to build my wealth and buy a bigger home.”

If you are aged between 30 and 50 we call you a wealth accumulator. At this time in life, your goals and ambitions are likely to be based around finding opportunities to help you create and add to your wealth.

Whilst many of you will have some sort of debt, we can ensure that any debts are structured correctly and working towards creating your long-term wealth. It is also a time of competing priorities: career, lifestyle, children, health, and of course debt reduction and wealth accumulation. Each priority has different goals, which we can help you prioritise and work towards achieving.

Are you 50 to 60?

“I need to start thinking about my retirement.”

If you are aged between 50 and 65 we call you a wealth consolidator. We call you a wealth consolidator because whilst you are probably still interested in creating wealth, however your goals have changed and you are probably thinking about ‘getting your house in order’ or, as we would call it, consolidating for your retirement.

You may have some debt outstanding, you are likely to be preparing for retirement or semi-retirement, and you want to boost your retirement savings. You may be thinking about how much you need to fund your retirement and may even be considering selling, to free up some capital from your home. These are all big and important decisions which we can help you make to ensure optimal results so you can make the most of your retirement journey.

Are you 60 to 65 Plus?

“I am already retired and want to make sure my assets are protected.”

If you are aged 55 to 65 plus and retiring now we call you a mature age investor. We call you a mature age investor because your goals and objectives are generally based around how best to convert your savings and investments to income, or as we say utilise your wealth.

You may be, or want to be, semi – or fully retired. Ultimately you will be debt free and own your own home. We have found the key concerns for mature age investors are how they can get the most out of their retirement income whilst ensuring it lasts through their retirement’s years.